Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Confession # 1

First... I really proud have parents like ibu and bapak.. they're always love, care, protect me and of course all the best thing they gave to me.. I can be like right now, its all because of them.. even I know till I die maybe I can't return what they've already give to me but I'll try to make them proud of me before God call them back

Second.. thanks God, I really have amazing big family.. when I fall into deep black hole, they never leave me alone, they hold my hand and bring me up.. they're really like my cheerleaders in my life..

Third.. even I haven't many friend, but God gave me some people who I called them Best Friend, may be yes they are not always beside me but they can understand me, they accept all my flaws and strengths and they want listen me..

Forth.. I'm still looking for someone who would become my husband someday, maybe this will be sound so standard but I want my husband would be the one who knows I'm happy or I'm sad and weak but he is always there for me. With all the loyalty, patience, love, caring, and humility..

Fifth.. I'm certainly not someone who has never been in love with someone, and certainly not someone who has never established a relationship. I'm not someone who is easy to open a new relationship and when I found out my ex-boyfriend is very easy to start a new relationship, I asked myself : "if there is no more sincere love?" but in the one side, I said to myself : "why should I care about it? he is entitled to do that and I deserve to get the better than him"

Sixth.. I'm so grateful to see how beautiful nature in this world. God has been very good to give it all to us but I think I'm not smart enough and bold enough to maintain this nature. I wish I could be closer to nature and keep them. that's why I have a high curiosity for exploring the whole of nature in this world..

Seventh.. In the opinion of people who know me so well, I'm an open person or you could say extroverts, I have a high emotional but I don't like seeing other people sad or angry because of me.. Sometimes I'm romantic but sometimes I hate romance.. I like people who can treat me good and sweet.. and I'm spoiled but I'm not Childish..

Ok enough for my confession #1...

by : rsm

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